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Oggy Oggy

Okay just a quick note about another animated children’s series my son watches: Oggy Oggy. It’s absolutely adorable, and I love watching this together with him.

The thing that stands out most to me is that the series seems to be perfectly designed for merchandise, though as far as I know there is no merchandise available (yet). The separate play sets are already defined: the pirate’s world with its island, the farmer’s world with the wind turbine and tractor, the volcano, the city, etc. Plus there are some other products immediately ready: the sun and stars could double as nightlights, the fish already have hooks on their back fit for a fun fishing game, and the intro features sticker designs, to just name a few.

What makes it even easier: everything in the world of Oggy Oggy is already designed as an injection molded plastic product, complete with parting lines and modular assemblies. The only things missing are the ejector pin and gate marks, but besides that the CAD models seem pretty much ready for production.

I really love the clean design style, the sweet characters and the way they communicate exclusively via expressions, and of course the stories. Really well thought out!


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