Brand new look

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The website has received a brand new look, after the current one has served its task well for the past four years (apparently it has been that long already).

The change is more than just a fresh lick of paint but short of a comprehensive redesign. Some of the old content has been (re)moved and new content has been added, all in order to better reflect my current endeavours.

The visual style has changed, with more emphasis on showcasing the individual projects. In addition, the menu structure has been flattened to improve accessibility.

This time around the site is created in WordPress, which with its powerful content management system makes it notably easier to update content. With that in mind the blog has earned its own spot in the menu, allowing me to highlight more work processes and personal interests.

The update will probably require a bit of tweaking here and there over the next week, so please bear with me while I apply and optimise the changes.


My blog describes events from my life related to design and engineering. Hopefully it will give you more insight into my work processes and personal interests.

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