Consulting at Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences Amsterdam - Centerpoint building

Development of medical devices has intrigued me more and more ever since it was once the topic of my master thesis. Medical products often pose complex and challenging problems, not only from an engineering point of view but also design wise; the latter is in part due to the complexity of stakeholders surrounding medical products.

Not only the challenge is satisfying for the mind; developing products that can save lives, or at least improve the quality of life, feels amazing. I’m glad to be able to use my skills for such goals, which is why when offered the opportunity to work for Edwards Lifesciences I didn’t hesitate.

From their office at Amsterdam I’ll be part of a team working on the next gen design of Edwards’ noninvasive continuous blood pressure meter, a product I’m already quite familiar with due to my master thesis. The development project will run parallel with engineering efforts in Irvine, hence our efforts will need to be closely coordinated. I will also be moving closer to Edwards’ office in Amsterdam, as a one way commute from my current location takes around 2.5 hours. Quite a few changes at once really, and I’m excited about them.


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