How to be a Mythbuster

On Friday the 25th of November, at the University of Twente’s 50th anniversary Dies Natalis celebrations, the Mythbusters will receive an honorary doctorate for their role in popularising science and technology.

Earlier today Adam Savage gave a lecture at the University of Twente. As an avid fan of the Mythbusters programme I was hoping to attend the lecture, but unfortunately the event was fully booked. There was a livestream available however, which was a decent alternative. It was interesting to watch his lecture: he had no reference material at hand but his sheer enthusiasm easily carried the entire presentation.

Adam Savage was clearly surprised by the effect their programme has had, how many people it has inspired. He said originally they had not set out to inspire others (“We just wanted to follow our curiosity and have some fun”). By showing how easily accessible and fun science can be, they may just have inspired the great minds of the future.

Myth busta!


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