Today has been a day of acronyms. I have been on the road since 5:00 am to ensure samples of our newly developed medical product will arrive at an ISTA certified test facility in time, and to oversee proper implementation of our test protocol.

Presently we are in the final phase of our project for Edwards Lifesciences and are running all test protocols on the final product and its peripherals to verify if it adheres to the requirements. Since the deadline for this project has been moved forward significantly the entire team has been making sacrifices: putting in extra hours in the evenings, on weekends and during the holidays – all done in pursuit of the deadline.

The test protocol initiated today is an ISTA packaging test and will take a couple of weeks to complete. ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) is an organisation focused on the specific concerns of transport packaging. Often underestimated, packaging is a paramount and integral part of a successful product introduction. After all, a (medical) product has to arrive at the end-user as intended to avoid potential malfunction of the product which could lead to dangerous situations. Of course this is in addition to the standard motive for performing packaging tests: avoiding loss of valuable finished products in shipment.

On the way back I took a quick detour to visit the Museum of the Image (MOTI): a museum dedicated to visual culture and a great excuse for a lunch break.

A museum for visual culture belongs in a time where disciplines merge together and an explosive amount of images have become a part of our daily lives. The world of visual communication has become a sanctuary for text, images, dynamism and change. By broadening its horizon from graphic design to visual culture the museum attempts to show the dynamic world of film, design, photography, fashion, visual arts, architecture, science and gaming. In the previous century the field of graphic design has laid a foundation for the present-day visual culture. The craft used to be a niche and avant-garde, now it is ubiquitous and for everyone.

The current collection highlights the above nicely and is a great source for inspiration – I’ll just consider it a delightful reward for getting up so early this morning. 😛


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