Jubilee D’Andrea and Evers Design

Twente Youth Symphony Orchestra performing at D'Andrea and Evers Design jubilee - conductor Carl Wittrock wearing Xsens motion tracking suit

Congratulations to D’Andrea and Evers Design for reaching the impressive milestone of having provided the world with their designs for 25 years! It is no small feat for a business to survive a quarter century or more, through a diversity of turbulent societal and economical changes, and is definitely a valid excuse for a party.

Yesterday evening D’Andrea and Evers Design celebrated this special occasion at the Creatieve Fabriek together with a large share of their clientele. To celebrate the closely intertwined values of design, art and culture, the festivities kicked off with an impassioned concert by the Twente Youth Symphony Orchestra. Part of the performance was accompanied by a Star Wars themed live digital animation cloning conductor Carl Wittrock’s physical movements meticulously, made possible by Xsens: the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology.

It was also pleasant to see so many familiar faces, a gentle reminder of how connected we all are. Amongst them were past and current clients, lecturers from my old university, fellow designers and engineers who frequent KIVI NIRIA meetings, and supervisors of students I’ve coordinated via Benchmark. It was great to catch up with them while enjoying the excellent atmosphere of the Creatieve Fabriek, the funky music, and the fine food. Cheers to DE Design!


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