Minor music design

  1. Tonight there is sound
  2. 1, 2, 3, uh
  3. Touch it

The majority of deliverables for the minor music design at the conservatory were of course in the form of music. It’s already been almost a year ago since I’ve finished my minor, but with the new site I figured it’d be fun to share three of the songs on here.

Slight backstory: I participated in the minor together with a fellow student with whom I’m also in a band. In the past we have been in a fair few cover bands and fairly recently we have started making our own music. The minor provided a nice opportunity to improve our producing skills, and we figured it would be nice to get some experience creating digital (house) music.

The song “Tonight there is sound” makes use of a presidential speech by Carter, and is an experimentation with creating contemporary catchy music (much like the last song).

The song “1, 2, 3, uh” differs in the sense that it was part of a more elaborate assignment. Each week the group participating in the minor would propose a line for an instrument, or a part of the song. For example one week a bass line would be proposed, next week a beat. After all parts were gathered, each individual would have to use those lines to compose a unique song. The lines were all rather dull, so Ruud and I decided to switch it all up: the bass line would become the beat, the melody the bass line, etcetera. And of course Ruud and I introduced some new elements, as well as a new melody.

The minor ended up mostly interesting for networking to be honest, skill wise improvement was entirely autodidact.


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