Developing at Philips Design, Drachten

Philips humidifier redesign concept directions

At the moment I’m working on a redesign of Philips’ evaporative humidifier at Philips Design in Drachten. The task is to target the segmented and individualised market, using current emotion economy. By exploring the relation between the appearance of products and its interpretation by different consumers regarding expectation, emotion and product form, one can accurately target their needs and wishes.

The single restriction imposed on the redesign is to use the current components, or a volumetric equivalent. In case of Philips’ evaporative humidifier, this means the product will be rather large: an undesired characteristic amongst the chosen target group of women in the age category of 20-40. So I have decided to take the TRIZ approach in order to exploit this apparent contradiction, supported by target group research with an emphasis on brand qualities.

This afternoon I will present my findings to the team, as the assignment is almost coming to an end. It has been a very valuable experience to work alongside professional product designers and I am grateful for the opportunity.


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