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My ex-girlfriend has been trying to find a job, but has not had much success so far. As we are all aware (or experienced ourselves) the job market is quite competitive at the moment; one has to really stand out from the crowd to capture the attention of potential employers.

The latter is exactly what she has in mind: she has a great idea to try and land a job in the field of digital marketing, which is what she is after. In a nutshell: she will target potential employers with facebook ads and direct them to a landing page that contains her curriculum vitae. She worried her design and development skills were not good enough to create said landing page, so she called in a favour – of course, I was willing to help her out.

Regarding the design, she had a rough idea of the style and content. Basically, the landing page would be a single scrolling page and would form a short linear story, all as succinct as possible in a bright and fresh style. It would welcome the visitor, explain the purpose, describe work experience and education, paint a picture of her future goals, and lastly offer the visitor means of contacting her.

Through a few iteration rounds, the design took shape. The design was created in Illustrator to keep it as flexible as possible, provided photos were edited with Photoshop of course. To code the site properly and efficiently, a good friend was willing to help out – he’s absolutely amazing at coding, nobody works as structural and diligent as he does.

The final result can be found here. The site really reflects who she is (in all its quirkiness :P) and where her interests lie. Hopefully the effort will be rewarded and an employer will offer her the opportunity she’s been looking for.


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