Löwenstein Medical’s Prisma

Löwenstein Medical’s Prisma Soft and Smart

Löwenstein Medical develops, produces and markets various diagnostic and therapeutic system solutions for the home care market. Thanks to pressure relief softPAP, the CPAP therapy device prisma SOFT offers patients a high degree of breathing comfort.

At Benchmark Electronics, Löwenstein Medical requested a cost down of their Prisma series, specifically targeting the display and interface. The high-end appearance of the product should however not suffer as a result. Through a series of design iterations the final product features a custom segmented LED display along with a custom membrane switch foil with smoke glass effect and tactile feedback, creating the appearance of a large high quality display while also maintaining backwards compatibility to a large degree.

Direct supplier contact and monitoring allowed for optimal tolerance control, resulting in the best possible clarity of the display as well as overall reliability. The design change resulted in a significant cost down, without compromising quality or appearance.

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