Nexfin usability extrapolation

Nexfin usability extrapolation

The ClearSight System by Edwards Lifesciences expands clinician access to advanced hemodynamic parameters without the barriers of complexity or invasiveness. The ClearSight system leverages the ccNexfin technology, which formed the basis for a usability extrapolation as topic for my master thesis.

Using a trend analysis cross-referenced with Delphi studies a technology road map was created and future product paths were uncovered. Use(r) research aided in pinpointing issues and areas for improvement. The information gathered led to a usability based redesign of the current product, as well as visualisations of potential strategic alternatives that deviate from the current product either in type of business model or underlying technology.

The proposed design improves usability by displaying a high level of guessability and is able to adapt to various circumstances and medical environments through its organic shape. In addition, the final design caters to OEM aspirations by offering flexible keying and colouring solutions.

Highly detailed rapid prototyped models of the design were created for verification purposes with lead users and suppliers.

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