SoundInSight SonoCat

SoundInSight SonoCat

The SoundInSight SonoCat is a handheld measuring instrument designed at Benchmark Electronics, allowing in-situ analysis of the sound absorption qualities of a material in a non-destructive and non-invasive manner.

The project was approached in a lean low-cost fashion, tailored specifically to a start-up company’s needs. The deliverables were in the form of engineering samples, suitable for verification and testing purposes.

The engineering samples featured eight microelectromechanical (MEMS) microphones placed in a compact geometrical pattern, able to determine the sound intensity and direction of origin by analysing the delays of the signals detected by the individual microphones.

One example of an application can be found in the car industry. In order to optimise interior sound design and to reduce noise entering the car, one must first assess how sounds produced by the car’s engine and tyres enter the car, preferably from the position of the user. The SonoCat drastically lowers the threshold for such sound absorption measurements, as current methods often require an elaborate setup and do not allow flexible and direct manipulation.

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